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Dear Wildrose, 

As a girl living on the bigger side of life, I find myself constantly looking for ways to get rid of extra body fat, maintain a certain weight or just stay in suitable shape really. It’s not completely an easy task considering the fact that my weight fluctuates A LOT – I find that during holiday periods I tend to be relaxed and therefore gain weight, as opposed to stressing and losing weight when uni is in session. I’m always dabbling here and there into products that are believed to help one lose weight or keep fit and I’ve been privileged to try a few slimming tea products, so I’m here to give you the rundown of what these things help do and what to know and expect, before and when taking them. 

All Slimming tea products do the same thing! 

Whatever brand name any slimming tea comes under, best believe it’s doing the same thing the others are doing to and in your body system, there’s honestly no difference because majority of them use the same kind of raw materials, therefore, the results most likely will be the same.

Slimming tea is not magic!

I’ve heard a lot of people complain about how they thought a slimming tea product was going to shed all their unnecessary weight in the blink of an eye, but ended up getting disappointed and in my head I’m like “do you think it was supposed to perform magic?” Honestly, when I first started taking it I thought the same thing, but as time went on, I realised that it is a gradual process, slimming tea isn’t some magical potion that disappears body fat in one day. What it does is more of a detox, which brings us to the next point.

Really, all it does is detoxify your system.

Like I said earlier, it doesn’t make you skinnier. From my experience, what it does mostly is detoxify your insides, gets rid of unnecessary waste and burns stomach fat, yes, honestly it is stomach fat it mostly burns. I’m not saying it doesn’t have positive results on the rest of the body, I’m saying don’t depend solely on it if what you want to do is actually lose reasonable weight. 

Make sure there’s a restroom close-by, always.

The first time I tried slimming tea, I didn’t know what to expect so it came as a shock to me when I found myself running to the toilet every now and then, I thought I had been poisoned. The thing is, because your system is being detoxed, fat that is burned comes out as waste, therefore you might experience a running stomach, just make sure you use the restroom before you go anywhere and keep some tissue paper in your bag and you’ll be fine.

After a while, it stops working.

Slimming tea is not a constant, usually there’s a prescribed number of days you should take it for, depending on the content. This is because after that given period, it is no longer helpful to your body as it would have gotten rid of the amount of fat it was made for, taking it after this time is only a risk to your body. The rest is up to you to take care of. Go to a gym, sis.

Have you used any kind of slimming tea, or any slimming product at all? What are your thoughts on them and how do you get rid of excess weight? Please leave a comment, It makes me happy and I’d love to learn from you. 


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