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Dear Wildrose,

I've never really been big on skincare, I like to just slab on some lotion, pick up my bag and off I go. My skin is sensitive and oily, therefore very acne and blackhead prone and my mum always tells me to take care of my skin as an 'agbogho'. – translates from Igbo to mean 'young woman'. Anyways two months ago I had the worst breakouts of my life and suddenly I developed a great love for skincare I never thought I'd have, it was like that time in 2014 I swore I'd never get my brows shaped and drawn and now look at me, fleeking and all that. After these horrendous mass of pimples exploded on my face, I started frantically searching for ways to get rid of them ASAP.

Uni's on in a month, I CANNOT GO BACK LIKE THIS! – my body-consciousness is a story for another day.

My mum, in her ever so saving the day manner said "you can use toothpaste, it'll get rid of everything within three days".

Are you fucking serious right now?! (No, I did not say that to my mother).

This was like a miraculous revelation, I almost immediately went to get a tube of toothpaste and slabbed it all over my face. yes, baby put that paste right there, all over, yeahhh that's it.

It didn't take it three days, but in less than two weeks my face was actually almost normal, like no blackheads, almost completely pimple free and smooth like a baby's behind normal. It was a damn miracle.
Listen, toothpaste is one of the easiest things you can find, I mean everyone brushes their teeth right? At least everyone who's decent. It has to be one of the quickest, easiest ways to clear out an acne damaged face while also treating rough, patchy skin, let me tell you why. It contains (well some, not all toothpastes) two things that are absolutely great for the skin. Glycerin and Mint. Dude, that's like the holy grail of skincare. I could go on and on about what glycerin does for the skin but yeah i'll leave you to try this thing out for yourself, and the application routine is super easy too. Just squeeze out a good blob of toothpaste (okay preferably Sensodyne or Macleans) and with your fingers, rub that white, minty goodness all over your face, Every. Single. Inch. It gives the most tingling peppery sensation. Leave it on for an hour to overnight, overnight is better because your system is at rest and therefore the whole process works easier and quicker, wash it off the next morning and moisturise as usual. Lather, rinse, repeat for about a week plus and darling, your face is looking back at you like

New face, who this?

The only downside is, it does tend to get your pillow and clothes sticky if you leave it on overnight, but really who cares when you're trying to get your skin right.

What products do you use to clean out your face? What's your skincare routine? Talk to me, I absolutely want to learn from you too. Cheers!



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