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Dear Wildrose,

Remember the post where I kind of explained my beginning journey to my new found love for skincare? ICYMI, check here.

So after my battle with those Death eaters blackheads, I went on a self discovering journey of facial hygiene and…. hold up, I really just decided to take a little extra care of my face and started looking for products that would suit my skin type while simultaneously eliminating spots and making my exotic lightskinned-ness pop. Talk about multitasking.

I found these products. These products. Talk about the truth.

So yeah again, my mum – she seems to always save the day, doesn't she – has this carton of skincare products she doesn't really use, and I was going through them and found these fair and white skin perfector products so I decided to use them. At first I was skeptical, honestly I didn't know what to expect because like I said in this post, I've never been big on skincare, but a few weeks into usage and I can truthfully swear by them. Let's get into the product deets, shall we?

This gel and serum come from the fair and white skin perfector range, like I said, I found these from my mum's store room so I don't own the complete package, just these two.
The packaging is really pretty and attractive and that's really what drew me to them at first, the serum comes in a 30ml pink bottle while the gel comes in a 30ml tube, also pink. Like the name, what these products do really, is unify and tone my skin by getting rid of acne marks and intruding spots, it's a gradual process and I'm currently still on it but I can tell you after a while you really start to the effects on your skin – darling look at my hand if you doubt me. –
Both products are oil based and you would think that as I have oily skin, using them wouldn't be appropriate but they have no negative effects on my face as opposed to other oil based products I've used in the past, and the best part is, the serum has a very light velvety feel when you apply it on your skin so your face doesn't feel heavy like you've poured all the oil in this world on it. My only problem now is, the serum is almost finished and I need to purchase a new one as soon as possible, these ones I found were by chance and I'm stuck on them now.

How do you take care of your skin? What kind of products do you use? Talk to me in the comments. 🥂



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