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Dear Wildrose,

So the year has finally come to an end. You're getting ready to disturb the town with your friends on New Year's eve. Or if you you're Nigerian like me, you're sleeping your day away so you can stay up all night and destroy witches and wizards in your crossover service, whatever you're doing, I'm glad we all get to see the end of the year as wholesome, healthy people and I hope we enter into 2018 the same.

This year has been one hell of a rollercoaster in every way possible and for once I can honestly say that everything I have experienced this year has shaped me into the person I am going to be from 2018 onwards. Am I excited about it? Hell yeah!. One major thing I struggled with this year was being insecure, about everything really. I always had doubts concerning anything I was doing and this was weird because I came off as very confident to a lot of people I met and interacted with. It just didn't make any sense, especially considering the fact that most of the things I was being insecure about were areas in my life that I had been really okay with for a very long time. Now that I think of it, I guess it's one of those things that happen when you're finally growing up mentally and you realise you need to fix your life.

Speaking of fixing lives, I think I'm finally on the right path. I can't say I have completely fixed my life because the process only just started three months ago, it's amazing because I didn't know I could learn so much within such a short time, every single area in my life has been touched in one way or another through different people and I'm honestly so grateful for that. Another thing I'm grateful for in my life is blogging, If I say it hasn't played a big role in my growth this year, I'd be lying. You see, one of those insecurities I talked about was the fact that I couldn't stand getting my picture taken. It's not being shy, I really would never know how to act because I felt everyone's eyes were always on me – kind of like one of those stage fright moments -. I also had a huge problem promoting myself/my work and interacting with other bloggers on social media and if you're a blogger or a creative in general you know how important that aspect of being a content creator is. Blogging and being consistent with it really changed my perspective on these things, I got to be in front of a camera more than usual so I knew I had to get rid of that fright. And well, these days you'll most likely find me in the comments of every blogger's Instagram photo, is that paying off? Yes, you have no idea!

2017 has been a good one, I've learned a lot of lessons financially, physically, spiritually and otherwise that I can't wait to implement in 2018. I'm super excited and I can't wait to see the wholesome woman I blossom into in 2018. And finally you beautiful beautiful people that have been here since 2016 whuuuut?! I love you guys and I'm so grateful that you're still here, reading, liking, commenting. You are amazing, did you know that? And if you became a wildrose this year, I definitely love you too, thank you for joining this journey of self discovery and improvement. I have big plans for all of us next year and I can't wait to see you all in 2018.

Happy new year!!

Want to tell me how you've grown or what the year has been like for you? Drop a comment or say hi Twitter – flexgodleslie, Instagram – theylovelesliie or Facebook – ForAWldrose.



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